About Us - suestephensonphotography

Everyone deserves a great photo to hang on the wall.

I will give you exactly that. Let me photograph your family, friends, your most treasured possessions.

So in 50 years time, when your memories begin to fade, one of my photos will bring a smile, a tear, a memory, a loved one, back to you.

When I take your photos I feel your pleasure, your pain, your love, your joy.

I am blessed to live in the beautiful town of Hawks Nest N.S.W.   The perfect natural landscape for your family, pet or group photos. If you have a personal place you would like your photos taken,  I can arrange a on site shoot for you.

My Guarantee to you.  If you so not smile, or jump for joy when viewing your photos, I will re shoot your photos.

Call me now to discuss your requirements.

Sue Stephenson 0407050138


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